U-nity Gritty

Driving down the road thinkin’ ’bout reincarnation…

Been back and forth and sideways on this for a while. Used to be I thought that we must return over and over again until we reach perfection — wasn’t really sure why, maybe… well maybe… yeah, didn’t know why. Figured that was privy to G-O-D .

Thought that for a while until I ran into a Sufi Master (yeah, like THAT was an accident!) who said reincarnation didn’t happen; this life was it. Now I’m confused. Oh yeah, when a Sufi Master talks you have to be aware; be VERY aware. Aware of who he is talking to, when, how, and why, for two people can ask the same question and get two diametrically opposed answers. Relative truths, I suppose. Basically, the lesson to be learned is that you don’t listen with your physical ears anyway you receive a transmission through the Heart, usually while he is triggering the crap out of you. Anywho, reading another Sufi master I found reincarnation to be believed and discussed as matter of course. Doh!

Enter the Unity discussion; that is the hot topic these days. We are all One, Oneness, The Great Spirit, El Big Kahuna. OK, we are all One. So what is it, or who is it that is coming back, if we do indeed come back? And who said we come back here anyway? Not counting the past life devotee that see you (or themselves) as a reincarnated King James, Cleopatra, Hitler’s First Lieutenant or Ben Hur. How come nobody gets the message their past life was lived as a plumber named Ralph Swarski from Cleveland who ate swiss cheese sandwiches for lunch everyday? My apologies to any Ralph Swarski’s for the reference and nothing against Cleveland, but I digress.

If one thinks of Unity as ALL energy that separates into duality (how this is done, God only knows) and then into multiplicity that takes form at differing levels of vibrating consciousness, then one can at least conceptually, see how we have mineral, vegetable, and animal. Rocks have consciousness, as do plants and animals. Contemplating the plant world may give us a clue about how It works.

Plant a seed, it germinates, sprouts, grows, bears fruit or flower, drops a seed, withers, dies and returns through the dropped seed that germinates, and we’re off to the races. Now this new flower is not the last flower that died, but it is one with it. It has the same essence, the same particular plant-ness, but it is unique. Where is the dead flower?

If you crush a rock, and scatter it in the wind, the rock comes back to earth. Do you call each particle a rock, pieces of THE rock or the earth?

The soul can return as a different human, with a different nervous system — a unique brain with a unique mind — but the essence, (the soul,) is the same, though not the same as the soul who had the last body. It has evolved to a different “place.” The soul is like a finger on the hand of Unity, so just like the soul has/had many bodies, Unity has many souls. And since Unity is, well EVERYTHING, It’s body has many hands or body parts, and different manifestations of those hands and fingers. Some are in other galaxies some are in this one, and some vibrate at rates not discernible to most humans

Of course this is just my feeble thoughts at this point but it begs the question, “Huh?”

I know. This is a rabbit hole that could go down forever.

The soul reincarnates.

The personality doesn’t.

So for me, the assumption that striving for perfection in order to come back to live a better life as a result of karmic debts paid, might not hold water if we view the process as God making the Soul. The thing is, we don’t really exist as anything more than a “thought” or impulse of God. He/She experienced the impulse through our lives and then incorporated the knowledge gained from the experience as wisdom, and used it to raise consciousness for the next go-round. The THOUGHT is not the real thing, and probably the Soul isn’t either because the only thing Real is The One. Nobody really knows The One. All we can do as God’s impulse is to let go of our perceived individual importance and help God raise consciousness by — wait for it —