Mem-war-ial Day

These here United States of America, take one day out of the year to remember the fallen soldiers who have served in the military. The country stands proud to salute the valor and courage portrayed by the men and women who fought bravely.

Excuse me a minute… I just threw up a little in my mouth.

OK – before anyone gets offended give me a minute. This will not be about minimizing the ultimate sacrifice many made, but about the atmosphere, conditioning and confusion which helps produce the possibility for such a day.

The memorial sentiment was appropriate when we were defending our land – I mean the Native Americans’ land – I mean God’s land, from the armies of other lands. It’s a little different now. If one can see past the tears welling up in their eyes and feel into the systematic marketing of the glory of the military, one will start to see some very different realities.

As the teens and pre-teens sit in the mega theaters and get ready to watch the latest Super Hero movie, they are serenaded by Kid Rock on the big screen singing “Warrior”. A “Pump me up, Scotty”  ditty that gets the young hormones screaming even louder than natural while mixing in a deadly dose of adrenaline for good measure. Something the bullying population does not need right now. And of course it is American because you have the good ol’ boys driving NASCAR mixed in every other scene with the group that likes to blow shit up. So kickin’ ass is not only American, it’s sport! The molding of the young psyche. Video game anyone?

As President’s since Vietnam have rallied the troops and the folks back home to be pro-American around Vietnam, Cambodia, Iraq, Afghanistan and now Tripoli, the bumper stickers, T-shirts, clothes makers, screen writers, etc. have been on the band wagon to ride the sentimental wave of lucrative patriotism.

As high school senior’s try to craft their future, the recruiters are creating a masterpiece, telling a story that would have them believing what they would be doing for their country and themselves, is nothing short of a brilliant career choice, a character builder and couldn’t make their parents, girl/boy friends, aunts and uncles, teachers and peers any prouder – and guys, women love a uniform and a hero’s tale.

As home sick, disillusioned, regretful soldiers participate and watch their brothers and sisters follow inane orders that may lead to a life of partial bodies, broken minds and/or aggressive personalities, the money changers of the world watch their stocks in the military complex grow along with the prison population – another money-maker. And the homeless veterans try to get a ride to PADS for a meal and a warm place to sleep in the frozen north in February.

Our country is sick.

Our species is sick.

Look around. Where is anti-aggression (some call it peace) promoted and marketed with the same willful strategy war is. War is glorified, misrepresented and misunderstood.

“War is used to bring about peace.”

Ever hear that logic? That is how sick we are and the fact that profit is made off the bodies of our own species only amplifies the seriousness of the matter.

This Memorial Day boycott the parades. If you must go, bring a sign that says something like:




Talk to the young people and try to show them the forces that are grooming them to make that possibly fatal decision. Ask them what the “enemy” really did to deserve our might (and have them check their facts). Make them realize they’re being duped.

And ask yourself. Am I the dup-er or the dup-ee?


All we are saying…

For your perusal:

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Is anybody in there?

OK so this is supposed to be an experiment in listening as my first post proclaims. (The Experiment)

The first listening was about doing this blog initially and then listening to what I was hearing from that True faint voice inside.

I’m  l i s t e i n g … Hello… Is anybody in there?

After the two posts, I let the cat out of the bag cautiously to a few unrelated resources which allowed the release to a few others. I had very positive and humbling responses. My response to that was surprise and elation that I not only followed the nudging voice but received a cosmic ‘atta boy’s from diverse places. Now it’s time to write again. Hmmm… write again. What’s the voice saying? What’s the voice NOT saying? Which of the hundreds of thoughts am I going to settle on and pontificate about? When will I formulate a cohesive paragraph around one of the never-ending spurts of wisdom I seem to be “hearing”? What pithy piece can I share with my audience?

Well audience I am pith-poor (w)right now. I made an attempt a couple of days ago and after re-reading it over and over I kept asking myself

“What the hell are you talking about?” —— DELETE!

OK – my belief is that surrender is paramount. Be where you are, when you are, with what you are. This life in duality is give and take, in-breath and out-breath, male and female. I may be feeling the pendulum reaching its’ apex and returning to the out-breath.

So what am I REALLY hearing?

I’m hearing relax. Take it easy. Be gentle. Kind. Nurturing to yourself and others. We don’t have to come up with the why’s and wherefore’s of every step on the path. The night follows the day, the day follows the night. There is a time for germinating. Right now it feels quiet out there. So let’s germinate. And let’s not keep digging up the seeds to see what’s happening with them.

This lesson has been shown to me in the arena of money. I use to constantly worry about money. I worried about the bills. I worried about retirement. I worried about completely running out of cash. Then I finally realized, after many months (years?) of working on it, that the worry pushed the money away. It kept the belief in place that the only way to have more money was to work more, but I couldn’t work more having a full-time job that took up twelve hours of my day. I had a belief that the world would not just give me what I needed. I had to manipulate the world (I created) by forcing it to give me pay for physical work.

This ain’t workin’ for me..

After the en-light-en bulb came on I started to work on the belief that the world is my friend and I could trust it to provide. I simply had to do nothing but give the world my friendship, my love, and the world would give it back. And it did.

I am not suddenly rolling in dough, on the contrary, I am going to face a substantial money issue this summer. The difference is I’m not worried. I’m relaxing. Not pushing. I planted the seed and am leaving it alone, only watering it with trust, fertilizing it with Loving allowance and being aware of the change to integrate the new “way” of behavior around money.

This is a use of the female energy to balance out my perception. The female qualities of allowance, solitude, observing, subtlety, and others that I am probably not aware of. I have more to integrate until there is perfect balance around the issue, but the ways of the mysterious female are endlessly fascinating – and powerful.

She helped me write this post.


Comments, questions and discussion are welcome and encouraged.

Here is what my toe feels in this particular piece of the river…

On May 17, 2011 the full moon was in Scorpio while the sun is in Taurus.

I’m not adept enough in astrology to interpret what significance this holds for me but I could feel it deeply kicking my butt. Kicking my butt down the road and hopefully catching the scenery along the way in order to see, understand and integrate the lessons presented. I should mention that I am a Sag with Scorpio rising and a Taurus moon for those that can discern the meaning of this.

There is a lot being said about Ascension these days and truthfully I wonder if everyone talking about it, is talking about the same thing. Some feel the Rapture is coming, some enlightenment while others are waiting to be beamed up to some sort of new world or saved by star beings that are here already to help us. Frankly I don’t think anybody knows what is going to happen, or how. However something is happening. And it probably always has been, it’s just that we are more aware of it lately. With our awareness we bring our creativity (not to mention ego), so stories are created. Perceptions are created. These are not necessarily false but relatively true. Relative to our own perceptions.

The tricky thing can be not to get caught in others’ stories, while not dismissing any truths in what is presented, and how it pertains to you.

I always try to stay in a place of relevance. What really matters? What makes a difference? What can I not control? On what level should I control?

For me it comes down to living my life cleaning my heart of darkness which in turn I think fills it with Light. Darkness is “not knowing”. The missing of life’s lessons. The misinterpretation, the perception that hardens your heart. For example, the choosing of revenge when you are “done wrong” because it is “just”, instead of stepping back to see or at least ask what is really going on. This would help cultivate Compassion.

This full moon I felt agitation, sadness, restlessness and my perceived degree of self value among countless levels of varying emotions and mental constructs. Truthfully it looks like a painting by Pollock.

So here I stand, hand on chin drinking in the masterpiece created by me feeling into what the artist is trying to say.


Welcome to an experiment in listening.

I’ve been hearing a nudge for a while about starting a blog.
What the heck do I have to write about?
Who would tune in?
Who would take the time, read, stay, contemplate anything I thought pertinent?
After the nth nudge I queried an influential someone, almost without premeditation,
“What is the most interesting thing about me?”.
Without a hesitation the answer was, “Your mysticism.”
After declaring that retort as one of those things that make me go hmmm… and being a stickler for clarity I asked, What aspect?”
“Your search”, was the reply.
So here is the baby after the labor pains, and just like a baby one never knows how it is going to turn out.
Stay tuned…