Is It Time For the Girly-man or the Manly-girl?

Well it has been a while since I’ve posted anything here and since we made it past the 12-21-12 benchmark I suppose that’s as good a reason to restart this thing as any.

A friend of mine on Facebook commented that she was tired of all the godESS talk and was more or less ready just to be a godess instead of just talking and hearing about it. Makes me think about what all the brouhaha is about anyway. This is suppose to be the beginning of the feminine coming into balance with the masculine. Balance. Not FEMALES RULE!, but balance. Not to mention it’s the beginning of some 26,000 year cycle, which may not be noticeable, for oh 10k years or so, in any discernable way. That is if one could live 10,000 years so you could compare it to now.

The deal, as I see it, is to just become more human. To embody all of the human qualities inherent in us that our Source would like to see us use. We all have all the qualities or energies in us. Although if it could be depicted with a bar chart, it would show great uniqueness in the ability of even knowing those potentials which we possess somewhere in the deep recesses of our souls.

So the feminine thing.

Anybody know what it is to be feminine? Anybody know the nuance of feminine energy?
Sure isn’t being exuded in Ann Coulter, Ellen DeGeneres, or the “We Can Do It!” poster girl.

Female energy is quiet, attractive, nurturing. It is patient as a root. Watchful and waiting, alert as a cat at a mouse hole. Hidden as magnetism. Wise and discerning as a steady hand diffusing a bomb. It is knowing without showing. It is coercive and cunning. Always ready to trap and hold its counterpart when willingness or weakness is shown. It is as destructive as the deception at the eye of a cyclone. It is total chaos in which something is born. It is fluid and cold. Dark and mysterious. ANYTHING can happen.

But if it is misused or unused it will yield and fester. It wil grow crooked and resentful. It’s hurt stature will deform into an insidious disease giving up what is demanded – but with a price, for it wil not be denied. How can it? It is part of Source. It is like trying to wipe up mercury. It will infiltrate where it can and will flourish even if disfigured to the point of disguise.  It is capitalism. It is consumerism. It is the greed that the patriarch cannot fulfill and it is driving him nuts.

You want no feminine input to life?
Choke on your wants!

You want to use it for a toy?
Go ahead, we’re plastic for you now.

You want to control our intended gift of life?
Hug your genetically modified offspring and forget that touch depravation even exists.

But that’s changing now.
The time now is to see this world with the intention of a mother –
nurturing growth for all that is Life giving and
respecting the danger while defending against any thought that is anti-life.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is time to be schooled in feminism. Not to be fooled by women acting masculine and claiming equal rights. Male and female are not equal, but harmonic opposites. We need both and we will find planetary happiness when both are pure and exuded fully in the spirit of Unity.

If I do not fully experienced it in this lifetime, I hope to be at least be found dead trying.

Comments, questions are always welcome.


4 thoughts on “Is It Time For the Girly-man or the Manly-girl?

  1. Love it Tom! You and I are so on the same page. I agree male and female are not equal at all but we should each be celebrated in our uniqueness. I do have quite a lot of male energy in me so I celebrate my male and female energy. I have friends who seem to be half and half and I celebrate them too. Great post and glad we are friends 🙂

  2. It is about Balance.And I for one Mention the Goddess as a way to bring that balance to light.You always hear,god bless this and god damn that.But never the Goddess~We are the ones who have been damned by the Masculine taking the Goddess out of our collective consciousness.Treating witches like satan worshippers,instead of the healers they are.It’s time to leave the churches behind that do not recognise the goddess,and go with~in.

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