Batin – The Hidden

In my town of Woodstock, IL there is something happening. I suspect it is happening everywhere but I have witnessed locally how the hidden agenda of those yearning for Peace, Justice  and Change have softer esoteric ways of weaving a higher consciousness into the fabric of our lives. As the video below shows, creating something that conveys a message, while in a state of hopeful prayer can be a way to advertise for a better world.

I call out to all the artists to flood our consciousness with visions, sounds, and thoughts of the world we all want – even if some have forgotten that we all are ultimately on the same side and want the same things.

Hats off to The Atropos Brigade and all others who, in a non-violent but persistant way, strive to awaken our True selves, that ulitimately love each other.

Music by John Prine, “Your Flag Decal Won’t Get You Into Heaven Anymore”

The Atropos Brigade


One thought on “Batin – The Hidden

  1. i love that line “weaving a higher consciousness into the fabric of our lives” tom. i was just on the square this morning for the farmers’ market, and somebody[s] has ADDED to the pieces put up on sunday morning. stitching with prayer and intention is a powerful thing and touches even those who walk by without looking. my prayer: we find another way to resolve our differences rather than killing people over what basically amounts to opinion!

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