Meet the Other Woman

Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee is one of those rare finds, in my estimation, who holds many, many gifts. He is an exquisite blend of honesty, heart, humility, wisdom and vocabulary, that combined with a mind that draws from readings of sacred texts, poetry, musical lyrics and the classics of literature, makes listening to him an intriguing inquiry into one’s own self.
Speaking through his Heart, unlike channeling, Llewellyn transmits a message that leaves one with hope, understanding, (or yearning for it,) and Love. This talk, in two forty-minute parts, deals with the female side of the human incarnate. Calling on his extensive knowledge and training in Jungian psychology, Sufism, and “walking the path” and more, he relates to the listener a view of how to be with oneself for expanded knowing.

I hope these talks at least nudge you a little further along in your expansion.

I humbly submit…

Part 1

InnerPartner Part 1

Part 2

InnerPartner Part 2

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