I would like to share something with you, but first a disclaimer.

What I am sharing should in no way be construed as a religious pitch, association, endorsement, or testimonial. It is just one way of looking at a piece of consciousness. If you can separate the package from the essence and gaze toward the essence, we’ll be in harmony.

I use the image of the diamond on many levels, from God to soul, to individual. The uncut diamond is raw, unrealized potential. After cutting, the faceted diamond has many points of view and each has it’s own quality of light. Each facet is a mirror as well as a window to the core. The whole and it’s parts. Without the parts the whole would not be.

Now this diamond may be covered with dirt until it’s self is unrecognizable, unmemorable. However it can be shined until it blinds us with it’s brilliance.

In this model the human is this Sacred Diamond. Mostly we are dirty with unacknowledged, unknown facets. We can, and do have varying states of cleanliness; shining facets, smudged facets, dirty facets, unknown facets, but we have the potential to be all clean, all the time.

Each one of these facets represents a quality, an essence of God — an essence of us. I use the Sufi explanations of these qualities to discover, investigate and contemplate the embodying of these qualities. I work to polish my facets, to “grok” the quality, in order to become the brilliant diamond I was meant to be.

Below are 3 links to the qualities. There are many more that can be found. The usual list is 99 qualities but it is said there are many, many more, and some lists you see are a little different that others.

If you sit with these qualities for a period of time you begin to see the bottomless Truth appear level by level. As you are ready to understand the meanings, what you thought you understood yesterday is not what you understand today, and tomorrow’s understanding will be integrated with your present wisdom.

This is a small explanation about God and His duties, and about what is known as the 99 Beautiful Names of Allah. The meanings of these names are endless, limitless, and indescribable. Even if all the water in the oceans were made into ink and the wood from all the forests were made into pens, we could not finish writing the explanations of these beautiful attributes of God.

— M.R. Bawa Muhaiyaddeen

One of the qualities is “Salam”, which means peace. You have probably met people who just have a peace about them. They relax you by just being with them. Such a person has that quality. And that is a quality which is a reflection of God, if you will. We all possess it, and in some that facet is unknown, dirty or ignored.

Below is one explanation or interpretation of this quality. I find reading different meanings from different sources, although basically the same, bring out subtle nuances with a deeper and expanded knowledge of the quality.

    • The Source of Peace, The Flawless, The Source of Wholeness and Well-Being
    • The One who is perfect, whole, prosperous and content.
    • The One who is the source of all peace, wholeness and safety.
    • The One who has rendered all of creation to be perfect, whole, prosperous and content.
    • The One whose creation is free of imperfections, free of faults and free of error.

From the root s-l-m which has the following classical Arabic connotations:

    • to be peaceful, quiet, tranquil, content, friendly, reconciled
    • to be free from imperfections, free from faults, complete, whole, sound
    • to be safe, secure, well, healthy, prosperous

This name is used in the Qur’ân. For example, see 59:23

This ancient Semitic root of s-l-m implies every manner of wholeness, completeness and prosperity.

Many seek peace by struggling, battling and trying to impose their will on others, yet external peace will only prevail as a reflection of inner peace. The only path to outer peace is awareness of the tranquil depths of inner peace, and the only source of such inner peace is the One known as as-Salâm.

According to Râghib the word Islam, which arises form this same s-l-m root, means to enter into salm… which means to enter into peace, or to enter into wholeness. That is, the word Islam means to be at peace with or reconciled with the ways and decrees of Allâh, and is often described as self-resignation, surrender or submission to the will of Allâh.

If you sit with this quality you may see that the state of Peace is more than being just quiet or non-combative. If you follow the thread of peace in every sentence, every word, through to your inner self and deeper to The Source you will see that it also shows you Perfection – since all is peaceful with no need to change anything. It also shows you the place of creation since it takes an impulse or spark which disturbs the Peace somewhat to create something, but the quality of Peace is needed to “hear” the idea and nourish the impulse.

If the human being would grok just one of these qualities and shine that facet of his diamond to perfection he would surely live in heaven.

Diamonds are God’s best friend.

Links you may find further quality info:

The Ninety Nine Names

Names of Allah

The Sufi Book of Life – Oracle


2 thoughts on “Diamonds

  1. We are all faceted jewels in Indra’s Diamond Net. As we interact with each other we may bring the emotions of joy and/or pain. It matters not. What matters is that we have polished facets of one another and neither of us will ever be the same.

  2. thankyou , i needed to read this, and thankyou for the links, i have been wanting to get back into sufi , higher islamic teachings for a long time , now the time seems to have found me all love di

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