U-nity Gritty

Driving down the road thinkin’ ’bout reincarnation…

Been back and forth and sideways on this for a while. Used to be I thought that we must return over and over again until we reach perfection — wasn’t really sure why, maybe… well maybe… yeah, didn’t know why. Figured that was privy to G-O-D .

Thought that for a while until I ran into a Sufi Master (yeah, like THAT was an accident!) who said reincarnation didn’t happen; this life was it. Now I’m confused. Oh yeah, when a Sufi Master talks you have to be aware; be VERY aware. Aware of who he is talking to, when, how, and why, for two people can ask the same question and get two diametrically opposed answers. Relative truths, I suppose. Basically, the lesson to be learned is that you don’t listen with your physical ears anyway you receive a transmission through the Heart, usually while he is triggering the crap out of you. Anywho, reading another Sufi master I found reincarnation to be believed and discussed as matter of course. Doh!

Enter the Unity discussion; that is the hot topic these days. We are all One, Oneness, The Great Spirit, El Big Kahuna. OK, we are all One. So what is it, or who is it that is coming back, if we do indeed come back? And who said we come back here anyway? Not counting the past life devotee that see you (or themselves) as a reincarnated King James, Cleopatra, Hitler’s First Lieutenant or Ben Hur. How come nobody gets the message their past life was lived as a plumber named Ralph Swarski from Cleveland who ate swiss cheese sandwiches for lunch everyday? My apologies to any Ralph Swarski’s for the reference and nothing against Cleveland, but I digress.

If one thinks of Unity as ALL energy that separates into duality (how this is done, God only knows) and then into multiplicity that takes form at differing levels of vibrating consciousness, then one can at least conceptually, see how we have mineral, vegetable, and animal. Rocks have consciousness, as do plants and animals. Contemplating the plant world may give us a clue about how It works.

Plant a seed, it germinates, sprouts, grows, bears fruit or flower, drops a seed, withers, dies and returns through the dropped seed that germinates, and we’re off to the races. Now this new flower is not the last flower that died, but it is one with it. It has the same essence, the same particular plant-ness, but it is unique. Where is the dead flower?

If you crush a rock, and scatter it in the wind, the rock comes back to earth. Do you call each particle a rock, pieces of THE rock or the earth?

The soul can return as a different human, with a different nervous system — a unique brain with a unique mind — but the essence, (the soul,) is the same, though not the same as the soul who had the last body. It has evolved to a different “place.” The soul is like a finger on the hand of Unity, so just like the soul has/had many bodies, Unity has many souls. And since Unity is, well EVERYTHING, It’s body has many hands or body parts, and different manifestations of those hands and fingers. Some are in other galaxies some are in this one, and some vibrate at rates not discernible to most humans

Of course this is just my feeble thoughts at this point but it begs the question, “Huh?”

I know. This is a rabbit hole that could go down forever.

The soul reincarnates.

The personality doesn’t.

So for me, the assumption that striving for perfection in order to come back to live a better life as a result of karmic debts paid, might not hold water if we view the process as God making the Soul. The thing is, we don’t really exist as anything more than a “thought” or impulse of God. He/She experienced the impulse through our lives and then incorporated the knowledge gained from the experience as wisdom, and used it to raise consciousness for the next go-round. The THOUGHT is not the real thing, and probably the Soul isn’t either because the only thing Real is The One. Nobody really knows The One. All we can do as God’s impulse is to let go of our perceived individual importance and help God raise consciousness by — wait for it —



11 thoughts on “U-nity Gritty

  1. A couple things occured to me while reading this. I can’t help but efer to Buddhism, cause that’s what resonates for me. Despite the Tibetan Book of the Drad, the Buddha, more or less said that we could not know what happens after death and it should, therefore, never be a point of contention. I have struggled myself with the idea of reincarnation. While every other Buddhist concept that I have encountered, makes sense to me, I really don’t see this one. I don’t see any evidence for it, other than some occasional oddity that could be coincidence or hoax. But what bothers me even more is that I don’t see why we can’t remember previously learned concepts. It seems that we are quite possibly doomed to learn the same subtle concepts over and over, never mind the freedom from attachment thing. I’m still working on this one.

    The other thing that occurs tp me is that, according to Tibetan Buddhism, we arise dependently on all of those things that intersect “where” we are. If there is a “soul”, 1. What the heck is it? and 2. We are much more than just a soul. It is apparent that all things must go away at death with the possible exception of the soul, whatever that may be. So I guess the reincarnation thing is wholey dependent on something other than our mind/body, our environment, our experience and so forth.

    • Kim-
      I’m not surprised we don’t remember previously learned concepts simply because, I for one, can’t even remember the day I was born this time. Perchance the “new” nervous system doesn’t contain the concept or memory of it, or our ability to use our brain/mind/heart to tap into the consciousness of the past(?) to fully see that lesson. Also it could be the collective consciousness of our soul has integrated these concepts and they are as evident to it as our autonomic responses are evident to our brains and it is just automatic — even if we are subtly “off” in our understanding of these concepts. There is also the realization that God is beyond concept. Maybe at some point we realize this as a form of surrender to the fact that all concepts are limiting and God is limitless.

  2. yes … the bliss of ego surrender …
    Only necessary due to “Assume a point in space …”, but that assumption is not enough! We must actually assume a completely different and separate unique 2nd point in space to even begin axiomatic Euclidean relativism.
    Then suddenly we see that “The mountain is a mountain. The river is a river.”
    As we grow to understand the unity of flow and integral balance of all duality we see that, in fact,
    “The mountain is not a mountain. The river is not a river.”
    Yet, we enjoy our incarnation, whether the first and only, or one of many, and so we eat, drink, and be merry and share about how we experienced ” “The mountain is a mountain. The river is a river.” for we do experience this in our form as biological beings and we share this in a common way despite our varied and sundry differences of the perceptions.
    And who are we sharing this with? Why our self(ves), of course!

    • J Wayne Ryker
      Yes there is nothing that I know of that says we can not feel joy at anytime in the process along with all other states of mind.
      Sharing is ultimately inevitable if we are all One. The pertinent question is are we putting our (ego) will in front of the Divine’s.

  3. I think Nirvana is cool. I liked liked their song, “Smells like teen spirit”. It almost seems to me that we do find a parallel here between western and eastern religions. The leap of faith thingy. Again, I find Buddhism very useful to me here and now. But it seems that in a faithless world, the whole samsara thing or nirvana or promise of heaven or any reward is hard to believe in. Blind faith, it seems has led us to hell on earth. Hard to have faith in a heaven or nirvana that waits for us to be crapped on here. Counterintuitive, I think. Tsunami, 100k dead, Earthquake, 50k dead. Compassion = a small fart in a hurricane. Nobody listens to anybody. The rich and powerful consolidating their wealth and power at the expense of everybody else, to the extent of genocide. I still think we can do affect our world with every action, every word, but I don’t reach nirvana or heaven in any intellectual way.

    • I believe you will never reach nirvana in an intelectual way. That is too limiting. That is a box. Look to the mysteries of nature. How DOES a flower grow. Meditate on that mystery and you may see the Tsunami is a fart in that windstorm. Heaven is within. I’m sure you know that. So we are not affecting the outside as much as we are affecting the inside. Only then will the outside change. Your personal outside and/or the collective 3D outside. Peace.

  4. whether we realize we remember other incarnations or not, i think the “memory” is much more subtle than the mind wants it to be. for instance, you may just loathe liars … can’t stand ’em, won’t tolerate lying in a relationship, makes you crazy. why? you can chalk it up to upbringing or early childhood training, but it still never completely explains the deep, gut-level antipathy you have for the distortion of the truth. i view that, personally, as a “past-life” memory. you’re done with lying … been there, done that, followed the yellow brick road to it’s end … and in this life you KNOW, deep in your belly, that it’s just plain wrong and not a lesson you need to explore. but in this current life, for instance, being responsible for your own actions is the thing that just keeps raising it’s ugly little head over and over again. [welcome to earth school, grasshopper!!]

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