The Cosmic Ball

Thanks for the dance
I’m sorry you’re tired
The evening has hardly begun
Thanks for the dance
Try to look inspired
One two three, one two three one

Ahhh… The dance of the soul and the ego. A delicious meal comprised of sickeningly sweet desserts and healthy green Brussels sprouts. Yes, time has hardly scratched the surface and you are feeling as interested in the lessons of life as a punker’s interest in the Scouts of America. But the soul untiringly asks for your interest because, after all, we’re dancing for a reason.

There’s a rose in my hair
My shoulders are bare
I’ve been wearing this costume
Turn up the music
Pour out the wine
Stop at the surface
The surface is fine
We don’t need to go any deeper

Avoi-dance, masks, how we intricately weave deception. So well that we do not even suspect it most of the time. Oh it’s OK, no need to go deeper. You just make trouble for yourself. Bask in the drunken song of desire. Good times!

Thanks for the dance
I hear that we’re married
One two three, one two three one
Thanks for the dance
And the baby I carried
It was almost a daughter or a son

At some point we remember there is a connection to our soul. There is no getting away from it. We bought the ring, signed the papers and consummated the relationship. “We” will birth something and we will probably fall short of integrating all of yin and yang. But we feel thankful for the intention we had.

And there’s nothing to do
But to wonder if you
Are as hopeless as me
And as decent

All we really need to do is to be. We, at some point, enter that dark night and lose the compass we thought we had secured in our grasp that Source had so mercifully given. Is my soul good? Do I come from good stock? All we can do is wait and wonder.

We’re joined in the spirit
Joined at the hip
Joined in the panic
Wondering if
We’ve come to some sort
Of agreement

We are one with our soul and it, with our ego, gets a little nervous – no we’re shaking in our boots that maybe we’ve given up and said, “No more, I’ll take what I got” It’s OK here, i don’t need to be Perfect. Settling is OK, isn’t it? I Fear God!

It was fine it was fast
I was first I was last
In line at the
Temple of Pleasure
But the green was so green
And the blue was so blue
I was so I
And you were so you
The crisis was light
As a feather

As we hit the next plateau, we look back at the climb. The rocks, the crevasses, the wide rivers and the skinned – and healed knees. Perspective makes it look doable – laughable really. The desires that grew and withered are now meaningless. And it was a good fight. A delicious victory over the formidable opponent that now seems impotent and not worth the fret.

Thanks for the dance
It’s been hell, it’s been swell
It’s been fun
Thanks for all the dances
One two three, one two three one

Leonard Cohen

Ahhh… Thank you for that schooling which, although was something I’m glad I did, I don’t want to do it again. The Life Dance was exhilarating.

Well… maybe one more dance.

Maestro, music please!


One thought on “The Cosmic Ball

  1. Nice post, Tom. I do like “At some point we remember there is a connection to our soul. …no getting away from it…we bought the ring, signed the papers and consummated the relationship” as i certainly know what you mean about losing that compass and fighting the ego’s urge to settle already. (Only to find out that generally makes matters worse…;)
    Not sure ‘all we have to do is be’ though. As we actually learn about the components of spirit, the art of navigating its terrain and staying true to it may require much more than surrender – even when it seems like it’s only the ego’s folly to think we might actually know something.
    A delicate and fragile dance – yes, for sure. Such a poignant & evocative song… xo

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