My ongoing experiment in listening has provided an insight to what I feel is an underlying, but certainly not insignificant, reason for yours Truly to have created this blog.

As usual the Divine message has come from an unexpected source of the Source. It has revealed itself in an episode of, a previously unbeknownst to me, TV series I found through Netflix, entitled Numb3rs. The backdrop for the series is the FBI whose Team leader incorporates the help of his younger brother to help solve mysteries through mathematics. This brother, Charlie Epps, is a world renown mathematician. An Einstein type, a prodigy who also professors at Cal Sci.

Charlie analyzes data, then writes endless algorithms to define patterns which can deduce the next move of the bad guy. In short – he’s got their number.

There are over 100 episodes that span 6 seasons, which allows the viewer themselves to see patterns develop. Charlie is endlessly searching – sometimes not knowing for what.

Then the flash comes.

My flash came while Charlie was a little befuddled. He was just awarded the same office as his predecessors at Cal Sci, and while moving in, found letters that each had written to the succeeding Math Pro containing insights to what they perceived their lifes’ work to be. Now Prof Charlie feels a little pressure to define himself. After a while he takes pen in hand and poetically describes not what he feels his life’s work is, but what it does. Or at least what he hopes it does.

His insight reveals that whatever his findings, the important thing is not the answer to the impossible riddle he solved, but how the packet of enlightenment relates to everyone it reaches, as it utilizes the cosmic synapse between all of life. His Divine desire is that his Gift touches other hearts – and the more the better. The melding of his offered Gift with the open accepting hands of the inhabitants of this world, is the Divine marriage Charlie is yearning for. That is what feeds him. What makes him grow and be ever created. This reciprocity serves where Math comes from. It is what allows Source to know Itself. This allows for more evidence to be revealed through search, discovery and creation.

In hearing that, I realized that this is what I hope for this blog – this Internet. The relating of heart-minds, the connection of like and un-like notions that result in expanding The Knowing a little more and opening to the Wisdom of that enlightenment, then offering it to others.

I will be fed, not by what I write, but how openly you relate to it and how much you expand your/our/The evidence of source. We can disagree. We can trigger each other. And we can allow each other to be where we are and allow ourselves to be taken somewhere else. That is why I welcome any comments, any ratings and humbly invite you to subscribe.

We are all in unique “places” in our overlapping and spiraling consciousness and through realting we can all taste the most delicious piece of the pi.

I am Grateful for this vehicle. I pray that I can Hear the signs along the way and offer them to you – with You.


Here is a great audio to curl up and have a cup of tea with: Patterns


One thought on “Numb3rs

  1. I think that is truely where we all are right now, wanting to reach out and know that we can communicate with others of like and not so like minds and touch the heart so to speak of others and that is a noble purpose. Thanks for reminding me of that deeper knowing today!


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