Is anybody in there?

OK so this is supposed to be an experiment in listening as my first post proclaims. (The Experiment)

The first listening was about doing this blog initially and then listening to what I was hearing from that True faint voice inside.

I’m  l i s t e i n g … Hello… Is anybody in there?

After the two posts, I let the cat out of the bag cautiously to a few unrelated resources which allowed the release to a few others. I had very positive and humbling responses. My response to that was surprise and elation that I not only followed the nudging voice but received a cosmic ‘atta boy’s from diverse places. Now it’s time to write again. Hmmm… write again. What’s the voice saying? What’s the voice NOT saying? Which of the hundreds of thoughts am I going to settle on and pontificate about? When will I formulate a cohesive paragraph around one of the never-ending spurts of wisdom I seem to be “hearing”? What pithy piece can I share with my audience?

Well audience I am pith-poor (w)right now. I made an attempt a couple of days ago and after re-reading it over and over I kept asking myself

“What the hell are you talking about?” —— DELETE!

OK – my belief is that surrender is paramount. Be where you are, when you are, with what you are. This life in duality is give and take, in-breath and out-breath, male and female. I may be feeling the pendulum reaching its’ apex and returning to the out-breath.

So what am I REALLY hearing?

I’m hearing relax. Take it easy. Be gentle. Kind. Nurturing to yourself and others. We don’t have to come up with the why’s and wherefore’s of every step on the path. The night follows the day, the day follows the night. There is a time for germinating. Right now it feels quiet out there. So let’s germinate. And let’s not keep digging up the seeds to see what’s happening with them.

This lesson has been shown to me in the arena of money. I use to constantly worry about money. I worried about the bills. I worried about retirement. I worried about completely running out of cash. Then I finally realized, after many months (years?) of working on it, that the worry pushed the money away. It kept the belief in place that the only way to have more money was to work more, but I couldn’t work more having a full-time job that took up twelve hours of my day. I had a belief that the world would not just give me what I needed. I had to manipulate the world (I created) by forcing it to give me pay for physical work.

This ain’t workin’ for me..

After the en-light-en bulb came on I started to work on the belief that the world is my friend and I could trust it to provide. I simply had to do nothing but give the world my friendship, my love, and the world would give it back. And it did.

I am not suddenly rolling in dough, on the contrary, I am going to face a substantial money issue this summer. The difference is I’m not worried. I’m relaxing. Not pushing. I planted the seed and am leaving it alone, only watering it with trust, fertilizing it with Loving allowance and being aware of the change to integrate the new “way” of behavior around money.

This is a use of the female energy to balance out my perception. The female qualities of allowance, solitude, observing, subtlety, and others that I am probably not aware of. I have more to integrate until there is perfect balance around the issue, but the ways of the mysterious female are endlessly fascinating – and powerful.

She helped me write this post.


Comments, questions and discussion are welcome and encouraged.


5 thoughts on “Is anybody in there?

  1. This is good stuff. I’m with Gwen: Keep writing. It takes a long time, years actually, to develop an audience with a small blog. You should consider cross-posting at a larger site so that you get name recognition.

  2. Bravo brother. I salute any male who has the guts to Let Go and Let God do the work. It was the hardest lesson I had to learn as I was raised by a man who believed in hard work and yet rebelled every step of the way against the ‘system’ with how he DID that work. The result is that I was in fear of money and yet found creative ways to make it without being in the system in the ways one is told that are the only ways to go. No 9-5 job, working swap meets and paper routes were hard goes, but I did that and other honest things that set my course in life. I can think beyond the box, and I know you can too. I have Faith in you.

  3. Brilliant Tom! Well written – from the heart and soul of your being 🙂 It’s amazing what happens when we just allow ourselves to really breathe in and then out and in again, bringing ourselves back to the centre and the core of our true self – our whole world can change, and in an instant. Keep writing and sharing, and this si the place to do it. Namaste.

  4. I agree and aplaud everything you wrote. I, do wonder, how our manifest destiny mantra, and greed has created a situation where there are terrorists attempting to annihilate the US…just, don’t think that’s the answer either ❤

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