Here is what my toe feels in this particular piece of the river…

On May 17, 2011 the full moon was in Scorpio while the sun is in Taurus.

I’m not adept enough in astrology to interpret what significance this holds for me but I could feel it deeply kicking my butt. Kicking my butt down the road and hopefully catching the scenery along the way in order to see, understand and integrate the lessons presented. I should mention that I am a Sag with Scorpio rising and a Taurus moon for those that can discern the meaning of this.

There is a lot being said about Ascension these days and truthfully I wonder if everyone talking about it, is talking about the same thing. Some feel the Rapture is coming, some enlightenment while others are waiting to be beamed up to some sort of new world or saved by star beings that are here already to help us. Frankly I don’t think anybody knows what is going to happen, or how. However something is happening. And it probably always has been, it’s just that we are more aware of it lately. With our awareness we bring our creativity (not to mention ego), so stories are created. Perceptions are created. These are not necessarily false but relatively true. Relative to our own perceptions.

The tricky thing can be not to get caught in others’ stories, while not dismissing any truths in what is presented, and how it pertains to you.

I always try to stay in a place of relevance. What really matters? What makes a difference? What can I not control? On what level should I control?

For me it comes down to living my life cleaning my heart of darkness which in turn I think fills it with Light. Darkness is “not knowing”. The missing of life’s lessons. The misinterpretation, the perception that hardens your heart. For example, the choosing of revenge when you are “done wrong” because it is “just”, instead of stepping back to see or at least ask what is really going on. This would help cultivate Compassion.

This full moon I felt agitation, sadness, restlessness and my perceived degree of self value among countless levels of varying emotions and mental constructs. Truthfully it looks like a painting by Pollock.

So here I stand, hand on chin drinking in the masterpiece created by me feeling into what the artist is trying to say.



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